Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hanauma Bay


Hawaii is breathtaking. Each island is a different treasure floating on a jewel sea. Rocky green volcanic landscapes contrast against soft golden sands and bright turquoise seas. Each new backdrop is more beautiful than the next. Hanauma Bay is no exception to this description. Once a volcanic crater, rising sea levels filled one half of the crater to make it the perfect crescent bay it is today. Volcanic lava gave way to reefs teaming with brightly coloured sea life, giving it its world-famous reputation of today. On our current USA trip, we were fortunate enough to visit this beautiful bay. We immediately fell in love with the jewel coloured water, easy snorkeling and swimming, and warm, crystal clear water. The beach is dotted with palm trees, which, although fit the island aesthetic, do not provide sufficient shade, so it is recommended that you bring a beach umbrella or a hat if you are planning to stay the day. Also, if you want the best snorkeling experience, it is best to get there early around 8AM to beat the crowds. So the next time you are visiting Oahu, we highly recommend a day trip to the beautiful Hanauma Bay.

Tips// There is no food at the actual beach, so remember to bring your own water or snacks or buy them at the top of the crater. Also, if you are driving, make sure to get there early as they close the carpark off once it is full and you will be forced to wait.
How to get there// Bus 22 from Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki goes there every day except Tuesday ($2.50); Or by taxi ($60 one way from Waikiki)
Additional Fees// Entry: $7.50; Equipment hire fee: $10 – 25

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Monday, 3 November 2014


We are off again! This time we are headed to the USA. We have only visited New York City and San Francisco previously so we are super excited to see more of this cool country. 

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

5 reasons to visit Zermatt now!

5 reasons to visit Zermatt now!

When you think of the Swiss Alps, rolling green hills and snowcapped mountains pop to mind. Well, if this is your ideal, than the picturesque snow village of Zermatt is sure to tick all the stereotypical boxes, plus tick a few you didn’t even dream of! Here are our top five reasons to visit the Swiss village we fell in love with, Zermatt.

1.     Winter is truly magical
Nothing beats the Swiss Alps in winter. Snow covered peaks surrounding you on all sides, warm cups of cocoa or mulled wine to heat your hands and heart, buzzing apr├Ęs ski events full of cute locals and tourists, and that overwhelming picture perfect postcard feeling that many Australians get from seeing snow, usually for the first time. Coming from the warm climate of Queensland, I couldn’t be more in love with countries that have four seasons if I tried! So winter countries have captured my heart and Zermatt did too!

2.     No cars
Walkability is a major plus when travelling so it’s great to see a town that does not permit cars. This is mainly an environmental measure, to keep pollution low and protect the pristine nature of this village. That being said, you can easily get around town by foot or if you are hesitant to lug your luggage through the streets, you can get a ride on the electric buggies or the more traditional horse and carriage.

3.     The food
Switzerland being the central hub between its neighbouring European cities, makes it the perfect destination for eclectic food choices. Featuring some great restaurants, Zermatt is known for its eclectic cuisine. Although the food is great, Swiss prices are astronomical and therefore, it is best to stick to the cheaper but still delicious options. Our favourite place was a tiny hole in the wall creperie called Stephanie’s and run by Stephanie herself!

4.     The people
Not only will you meet an eclectic mix of people from all around the world but you will also get the chance to mingle with the locals. All the people in the village are super friendly and willing to help at any chance.

5.     The Matterhorn
Zermatt is home to the Matterhorn, the mountain made famous on the Toblerone packaging. So to knock two must dos off your bucket list at once, Zermatt is the perfect place to do it, as you will score some great views of the Swiss Alps and will have the opportunity to see the Matterhorn or even visit it!
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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The QT Hotel Sydney

Boutique grandeur at its best

When you visit the vibrant and eclectic city of Sydney, you want some cool digs to complete your experience. Enter the uber cool QT Hotel Sydney. Following a fast elevator ride, the chic lobby greets you with a throwback feel, featuring wooden floors, warm lighting, and friendly staff. The historic design of the Gowings building is maintained, albeit polished into a suave and modern package, as you weave through the high ceilinged hallways to arrive at your chic temporary abode. Think a plush, soft mattress topped with fine linen and a faux red fur throw, a warm orange glow from the minibar highlighting its fun and quirky items, a simple and functional bathroom featuring the coolest bath you ever did see, and the high ceilings, only a historic building can offer in such a cramped city, increasing the ample size of your room. In one word, perfection. The Gowings bar is also worth a notable mention. Boasting cute bartenders and devilishly delicious signature cocktails, the Gowings Bar is worth a visit even if you aren’t staying at the hotel.

For reservations // Phone (02) 8262 0000

Where// 49 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Wifi? Complimentary in room for guests

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Afternoon Tea at The Langham Hong Kong

Langham Hong Kong

Oh, we are at it again. The never-ending search for the world’s best afternoon tea is a challenge that some of us must face (though we aren’t complaining)! Our most recent quest lead us to Hong Kong at the famous Langham Hotel to discover the British influenced afternoon tea that Hong Kong is so famous for. Upon arrival, we were excited to learn that we would be sampling the new Tiffin themed Afternoon Tea by Paul Lafayet, a true delightful mix of East meets West. After sampling a few Tiffin teas and being educated about their flavours by our host, we were able to choose a pot of our desired tea, which would enhance the flavours of our afternoon tea experience. This was followed by a presentation of the traditional three-tier stand filled with delicately presented treats to satiate our hunger. The first layer featured savories. Filled with the traditional finger sandwich offerings such as cucumber and egg salad, and outshone by the fusion offerings of a corn fed chicken and foie gras wrap and cilantro crepe roll with blue lump crab, the savoury offerings were perfect. The top tier, which is the holy grail of high teas (in our opinion), presented intricately decorated petit fours, such as chocolate craquelin and gold flake decorate strawberry tarts. This was followed with the presentation of warm and perfectly baked scones to the fill the middle tier. Overall, we enjoyed the flavours of our afternoon tea treats and the soothing accompaniment of the pianist, which provided a holistic afternoon tea experience. We recommend indulging in this afternoon tea experience on your next Hong Kong visit, especially during their themed Tiffin Teddy Bear experience for October.

Where// The Palm Court at The Langham Hotel, 8 Peking Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Thank you to the Langham hotel for hosting us for afternoon. Our opinions are our own.

Langham Hong Kong Langham Hong Kong Langham Hong Kong Langham Hong Kong